New Client Roadmap

Welcome to Cassaday & Company, Inc. This roadmap outlines your transition to the firm. Your dedicated team is prepared and engaged to ensure this process is as seamless as possible. The time it takes to fully implement your personal plan with us will depend on the number and types of accounts you own, and your cooperation in providing us with requested information. To quickly and seamlessly implement our recommendations for you, we ask that you take note of your new client action items, which we've conveniently listed along the right-hand column of this page. We are excited that you have chosen us as a partner in ensuring your financial well-being.

Phase 1: Meet with Your Financial Planning Team to Gather Information & Documents

Our Financial Planning (FP) team will help you get your life organized; we believe sound planning supports the adoption of any financial strategy. Our team of experts will work with you to help you analyze your financial circumstances and establish a customized plan to help reach your goals.

Our FP team works alongside your financial advisor to develop high-level financial planning analysis for our clients. They provide guidance on helping you with your unique financial planning needs including retirement planning, estate planning, tax related questions, Social Security income strategies, college funding needs, employee benefits questions, and much more.

Financial Planning Team Action Items

  • Your FP Associate is reviewing all of the data you have already provided us.  Upon completion of this process, they will reach out to you for any additional information needed to prepare your sign-on paperwork and set our next meeting. They will call and/or email you to obtain information needed to initiate your account transfers
    • Information will include:
      • New Account Worksheet (NAW)
  • FP Associate will send you a summary of your information collected which you will review, confirm all is correct, and approve the plan to move forward.  
  • Onboarding Manager (OM) and FP Associate meet to review the NAW and discuss the onboarding plan

New Client Respnsibilities

  • You will be asked to send any outstanding documents and information to us
    • A checklist will be sent to you for review by a team member, who will address any questions you may have. 
  • You will receive a summary of your information, which you may review independently or with your advisor, sign, and return. (Add in language here about either mailing or faxing it into the office? -- need to confirm this with FP/OB first)

Phase 2: Meet with Your Onboarding Team to Complete Your New Account & Transfer Paperwork

The Onboarding Team (OT) works directly with the Financial Planning team to develop your personalized consolidation plan and oversees your transition to Cassaday. This team initiates and manages the asset transfer process to ensure you experience a speedy and smooth transition. Our OT will establish your financial accounts with our broker-dealer and prepare a package of documents that will validate your accounts and initiate transfers, all while maintaining an open line of communication between you and your advisor. 

Onboarding Team Action Items

  • Review all items received; confirm your financial planning objectives and establish your consolidation plan. 
  • Open your account profiles with our broker dealer, Royal Alliance; establish those accounts, and prepare your onboarding package.  
  • Complete your onboarding package and send it to you -- a member of your team will reach out to you for review.    
  • Initiate account transfers. 
  • Provide weekly status updates on your consolidation plan. As accounts transfer, we will reconcile the positions against your provided account statements.  
  • Assess cost basis and contact you for any missing cost basis information.  
  • Prepare your personalized wealth management recommendations, once all assets and cost basis have arrived.  
  • Execution of trades to align with you approved asset allocation. 

New Client Respnsibilities

  • A member of our team will contact you if your participation is needed to facilitate your transfers or establish your account features.   
  • Schedule a meeting with your advisor; Approval of your asset allocations will be required, and you will receive your custom financial planning checklist.

Phase 3: Meet with Your Advanced Strategies & Estate Planning Teams


We will conduct a complimentary in-depth insurance analysis that includes an audit of your life, disability, and long-term care insurance policies. When necessary, we help coordinate changes to your policies, and will even help you through the claims process. This includes:

  • Comprehensive analysis of life, disability, and long-term care insurance policies
  • Annuity analysis, management, and ongoing service
  • Group 401(k) management and oversight
  • Employee benefits and pension plan analysis
  • Long-term care advocacy
  • Active involvement in insurance claim execution

Annuities are also intricate retirement planning products that require ongoing management and a comprehensive understanding of features available to ensure you effectively manage overall costs and maximize benefits. We examine your policies to make sure they are properly structured to meet your needs. For variable annuities, as well as any variable life policies, we review your investment allocation to ensure it meets your investment objectives and provide you with continual management and advice.

Learn more: Insurance Audit – Frequently Asked Questions

Advanced Strategies Team Action Items

  • Review insurance and annuity policies and identify 

New Client Respnsibilities

  • Add these in once we have them 


Our process leads to a complete estate plan that reflects leading-edge strategies, best practices, and ongoing, proactive compliance with current law as well as attention to your family’s dynamics. The goal is to apply our experience, knowledge, and training to produce a well-thought, personalized roadmap designed to potentially maximize outcomes. This may include the following:

  • Revocable (“living”) trusts
  • Pour over Wills
  • Durable Powers of Attorney
  • Advance Medical Directives and HIPAA Privacy Releases
  • Living Wills
  • Standalone Retirement Trusts
  • Various ancillary documents, including certificates of trust and assignments of personal property

Some estate planning services may necessitate additional fees, however, this will be disclosed in advance for your review and acceptance.

Estate Planning Team Action Items

  • Review estate planning needs and identify 

New Client Respnsibilities

  • Add these in once we have them 

Congratulations, You are officially a Cassaday & Company, Inc. Client!

We believe that financial planning is a process, not an event. As the markets, economy, opportunities, or personal circumstances change, we look forward to working with you to ensure your plan stays aligned with your goals.