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Avatus Stone Estate Planning Manager

(703) 506-8200

Avatus Stone is an Estate Planning Manager and has been with Cassaday & Company, Inc. since June 2020. With 3 years of legal drafting experience and over 10 years in personnel management, Avatus works closely with the Director of Estate Planning Strategies to manage the firm’s expanding Estate Planning department and to proactively meet our clients’ planning needs. 

Avatus manages the workflow between JM LAW, PLLC and Cassaday & Company, Inc. to ensure clients have a seamless and efficient estate planning experience. He assists with drafting legal documents, including Revocable Trusts, Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Medical Directives, and answering questions related to the form and function of these documents.

Avatus holds a BS in Business Administration from Catholic University, and for the last decade has been a well-known elite-performance coach in the Northern VA area. In his spare time, he enjoys training athletes and is an avid reader.  

Avatus is not registered with Osaic Wealth or Cassaday & Company, Inc., and does not offer securities or investment advisory services.