"Finding Cassaday was pure luck but it is one of the best decisions of my life."

"You are always ready to listen, provide advice based on our circumstances, and never preach or force your opinions on us. You are a perfect investment counselor."

"I am impressed by you and consider myself fortunate to have you in my corner for all my financial needs."

"You have a great company with great and helpful people, where rubber hits the road!"

"With all of you at Cassaday, I feel secure. I trust your advice and attention to detail. I trust that you care about me and my goals. I trust that you will advise me to do what is best. I trust you enough to send the people I love most to you for advice."

"I spoke with your retirement coach, Jennifer, who is a wonderful resource. Thank you for providing this service. She is delightful and very helpful, always offering great perspective."

"You answered questions I didn’t know I even had."

"You and your team have certainly delivered for a couple of “small potatoes” investors who are now enjoying a well funded retirement because of your expertise and management."

"Your focus, client rapport, and conspicuous effectiveness as a wealth advisor has kept you #1 on our list since the beginning of our long relationship. Keep up the wonderful service you provide us and all your clients."

"You’ve pointed out simple and fundamental things that I could not see. You are an excellent teacher and guide, thank you."

The preceding testimonials are provided by current clients. Cassaday does not seek out client testimonials, and all testimonials referenced are unsolicited. No compensation was provided for these testimonials and no material conflicts of interest are present as a result. These testimonials and endorsements do not guarantee a level of success, nor do they guarantee that all clients will have the same experience.

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