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Jennifer Landis-Santos Career & Life Transitions Coach

(703) 506-8200

Jennifer Landis–Santos is the Career & Life Transitions Coach at Cassaday & Company, Inc., and joined the firm in April 2021. With 20 years of combined counseling and coaching experience, Jennifer helps individuals clarify and move towards what’s meaningful and satisfying while creating balance and impact. Supported by a background in mental health, Jennifer assists clients in designing wellbeing and purpose in their lives in the emotional, physical, and relational dimensions.

She holds a Master of Arts in Counseling and is certified as a career counselor by the National Career Development Association and as a professional coach by the International Coaching Federation. She earned a certificate from the prestigious Leadership Coaching program at Georgetown University’s Institute for Transformational Leadership where she is currently on the faculty of the Health and Wellness Coaching program. In addition, she serves as the Director of Coaching for the Georgetown Startup Intern program for undergraduates studying entrepreneurship in McDonough’s School of Business.

Jennifer started her career as a children’s therapist for child witnesses of domestic violence.  She has served as a community leader in local government. In 2015 she received regional recognition for her work with Arlington County Department of Human Services as an “Ally in Prevention.” She has served as a consultant to offer “Career Wellness Checkups,” for individuals at all points on the career arc from launch to retirement.

In 2020 she launched a Covid Coaching effort for career and health coaches to come together and give back, supporting local high school students trying to find their way during the pandemic. She finds inspiration from accompanying clients as they grow into new ways of being both professionally and personally.

On a daily basis, she spends quality time with her husband and children, enjoys exercising outside, and learning more about social justice and human transformation.


Jennifer is not registered with Royal Alliance Associates, Inc. or Cassaday & Company, Inc., and does not offer securities or investment advisory services.