WEBINAR: How to Get the Care You Want for the People You Love

Did you know that the third leading cause of death in the United States is preventable harm in the hospital? Hospitals work hard to make care safe, but now, more than ever, healthcare providers are stretched and stressed. Even during the best of times, and despite medical providers’ best intentions, cracks in care occur that harm patients.

To combat preventable medical harm, CampaignZERO was founded to unite patients, families, and care providers on patient safety. Dana Hutson, a member of CampaignZERO’s Speakers Bureau and President of Cancer Champions, is passionate about providing guidance to patients and uniquely positioned in helping families navigate medical diagnoses and events.

Cassaday & Company, Inc. has partnered with Dana for an educational presentation on how to become an advocate for you and your loved ones during and after a hospital stay. During this presentation, Dana will discuss:

  • Becoming a better care partner
  • Care tips while you or a loved one are in the hospital
  • Important questions to ask
  • How to prevent the most common hospital hazards
  • and more

Click here to register and watch this on-demand webinar.


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