A Word About Our Most Coveted Award

At Cassaday & Company, Inc., we take great pride in the recognition we receive from our peers, leading industry publications, and the local community. Being recognized for our industry expertise is noteworthy, but we’re especially proud to consistently be ranked as a Best Place to Work. Although a common slogan, at our firm we really believe that our employees are our greatest resource. Being regularly cited as an outstanding workplace celebrates this belief and fulfills one of our founder’s key objectives:

To create a workplace that will attract and retain the top talent in our industry and make sure that the professionals we employ “think like owners”.

How do we do this?

  1. We provide a unique compensation plan where all employees have ‘income equity’ and are paid primarily based on firm revenues. Of course, firm revenue is dependent on growth of our assets under management, retention, total client satisfaction, and the continuing belief that we add value over and above our fee. If clients are unhappy, don’t refer friends, colleagues and relatives or if they leave it has a direct financial impact on all employees. Tying employee compensation directly to client satisfaction seemed obvious to us.
  2. Our leadership practices “radical inclusion,” where employees are involved in major decisions about policy and governance. We have found that the input of our intelligent and highly motivated employees has been a great resource in building our enterprise into one of the nation’s top wealth management firms.
  3. Employees are encouraged to make decisions independently. We have learned that empowered employees become confident, self-reliant top performers who do better work because they feel vested in what they do every day and take pride in and responsibility for their work.
  4. We hire outstanding people with innate skills that cannot be taught and we build positions around them. The combination of superior skills and an open and nurturing environment encourages personal growth, a sense of purpose and fulfillment which, for us, has led to outstanding outcomes for our firm and clients.
  5. One of Cassaday & Company, Inc.’s core values is “Always do the right thing.” Employees have inculcated this concept and it is a permanent part of our culture. When faced with a choice, asking this simple question, “Is this the right thing to do for the client?”, more fully assures integrity and brings clarity to the decision-making process.

We have worked very hard to develop a culture that is unique and distinguishes our firm in the eyes of the great people we call colleagues. Our culture motivates our staff to provide our clients with unparalleled dedication and service. Our people are proud to work here and together look forward to pursuing our firm’s vision of being the most competitive choice for people seeking guidance on their wealth management decisions.

For a comprehensive list of company and workplace excellence awards won, click here.


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