Guidance For a Loved One’s Future: The Impact of CFP® Professionals

The Sampson-Weber Family and Nick Harris, CFP® 

Stephanie Sampson began planning for her family’s future when her son Grant was first diagnosed with autism. Preparing for any potential financial obstacles that might lie ahead was part of her planning. After managing the family’s budgeting and investments became challenging, Sampson connected with Cassaday & Company Partner Nick Harris, CFP®.

When Sampson met Nick for the first time, she said he listened and asked the right questions. “He has the CFP® [certification] as well as several others that make you realize that he wants to be a person who can help people have a financially secure future,” she said.  

Nick explained that Sampson was really looking for someone she and her husband could trust. “Being a CFP® professional is not about just generating revenue and commissions. It’s about deep trust and relationships with people for decades,” he said.  

“People with special needs often get disinherited because people don’t understand that there are ways to provide for the financial future which doesn’t cost a lot of money. That’s why you need a CFP® [professional] who really understands what your long-terms needs are going to be,” Sampson said.

Working with Nick over time has given Sampson peace of mind that her son will be taken care of even after she and her husband are no longer there. “Not having to worry on a daily basis about where the money is coming from, where the money is going, whether there is going to be anything there, that’s just so important.” 

As seen in The CFP® Board’s Evolve 23 // Celebrating 50 Years of CFP® Certification.

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