WEBINAR: Live Longer and Better

At Cassaday & Company, Inc., we aim to provide our clients with educational opportunities and resources that allow them to make smart decisions about their wealth management strategy.

One component of this strategy is your physical and mental health. Navigating the healthcare landscape can be an emotionally and financially overwhelming experience, so we’ve partnered with David Sherer, M.D., a Cassaday & Company client, physician, and critically acclaimed author, to present ways to live your longest and healthiest life.

As a medical-legal and patient safety expert, Dr. Sherer has helped thousands of people all over the world navigate the complexities of healthcare and lead healthier lives. His newly released book, What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You: The Real Reasons You Don’t Feel Good and What YOU Can Do About Itprovides readers with verifiable information so they are able to make their best judgments as to what might effect a positive change in their life.

Join Dr. Sherer as he discusses:

  • The most pressing issue facing America’s health
  • Pharmaceutical industry issues and our opioid crisis
  • The role of public policy on our health
  • Medical misadventures and malpractice
  • A look at how we die: the top 10 health risks in the West and how they’re affecting Americans

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