Webinar: The Role of Psychology within Financial Planning

There’s a growing emphasis on psychology in financial planning, with advisors merging traditional advice with elements of behavioral finance as a means to better understand client needs and strengthen relationships. An understanding of the collective psychology between a client and an advisor can facilitate better communication and enable financial planners to ideate more solutions in line with their client’s comprehensive financial plan.

Join us for this educational event to better understand how one develops their relationship with money, and how this relationship impacts physical, mental, and financial health.

During this presentation, Cassaday & Co.’s Financial Advisor Riley Saunders, CFP®, will discuss:

  • The emergence of psychology within financial planning
  • The importance of advisors acting therapeutically​
  • Money and its impact on relationships​
  • Social learning theory and what we’re passing to the next generation
  • Financial flashpoints and problematic financial behaviors​
  • Cognitive biases and the problems they can create in financial planning

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