Longevity Planning: Looking Beyond the Financial Factors of Retirement

Longevity planning. This is a term that often coincides with retirement planning. Longevity planning has to do with creating a comprehensive strategy that goes beyond finances to consider physical health and quality of life factors. Aside from a monthly income, how do we maintain our physical health, connect with a sense of purpose, and feel happier to achieve a sense of greater overall wellbeing in our final chapter?

What am I going to do in retirement? Where will I live?

According to psychologists and years of research, retirement is ranked number 10 on the life stressors list. People often celebrate retirement as a happy event, but for many individuals it brings up questions of personal identity, a fear of running out of money, living a groundhog day scenario, losing social connections, being seen as “old,” and more. Without a sense of direction and purpose in the next chapter, people often flounder and are at risk for isolation, mental health challenges, substance misuse, and more.

A recent MarketWatch article highlighted how many financial advisors are not having these important conversations with clients. Cassaday & Company, Inc., is unique because in our commitment to help clients maximize their return on life, we have an in-house specialist who helps clients prepare for the nonfinancial aspects of retirement. Jennifer Landis-Santos is our Career & Life Transitions Coach and she is a resource to support our clients as they navigate some of life’s big questions, such as:

  • What is my purpose?
  • When should I retire or sell my business?
  • How can I support my child who is not thriving?
  • What do I do after being laid off?
  • How can I connect in a more meaningful way with my spouse?
  • I was just diagnosed with cancer, now what?
  • How do I navigate aging alone?
  • Where should I move to in my “next”?

If you are sitting with a big question and want to connect for resources or support, reach out to your financial advisor for an introduction to Jennifer.

If you are not a Cassaday & Company, Inc., client and would like to inquire about our comprehensive services, we welcome you to contact us.




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